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Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System (ACSES)

Client: National Railroad Passenger Corporation
Location: New Haven, CT to Boston, MA
Value: $10 Million (Construction)

The wayside systemThe existing mainline of Amtrak from New Haven, CT to Boston, MA is approximately 154 route miles in length. The line is entirely double tracked with an occasional third and/or fourth track. Current operating speeds, controlled by a Continuous Cab Signal System, are as high as 110 miles per hour.

The ACSES system is composed of two subsystems: wayside and on-board. The wayside system is comprised of a microprocessor based transponder system which provides for the enforcement of permanent civil speed restrictions (curves, bridges, etc.) and temporary speed restrictions (slow orders) and an MCP (data) radio system for enforcement of stop signal aspects for home signals. The on-board system is comprised of a microprocessor computer, antenna, transmitter/receiver, axle generator, brake and propulsion interface, and an MCP (data) radio.

The ACSES system, in conjunction with the nine aspect wayside signal system and the Continuous On-Board Cab Signal system, will permit operating speeds up to 150 miles per hour for trains upgraded to take advantage of this speed.

Our firm provided engineering services for the editing and development of the ACSES system specification. These services also included the conceptual, preliminary, and final design for wayside signal and communications systems; review and approval of third party designs, and submissions.

Services Provided:

  • Wayside Location Design
  • Specifications
  • Review of Third Party Design
  • Approval of Third Party Submissions.

Special Features:

  • 150 MPH Speed Upgrade
  • Microprocessor Based Transponder System
  • MPC Radio System.
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