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Fairmount Substation and 30th Street Switching Station

Client: Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
Location: Philadelphia, Pa.
Construction Cost: $41 million

Fairmount Substation and 30th Street Switching StationGannett Fleming designed a new 4,000-square-foot substation and a new 5,000-square-foot switching station as part of an ongoing effort by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) to replace aging power system equipment and substandard utility buildings. Our firm designed a new Fairmount Paralleling Substation to replace the existing Reading Terminal Paralleling Substation, and a new 30th Street Switching Station to replace the existing Amtrak Switching Station Sub 1A (30th Street). Both buildings are steel-framed with lateral systems of concentric bracing and moment frames with foundations consisting of spread footings.

Services Provided:

  • Power system study using computer simulation
  • Project management
  • Building design (architectural, structural, mechanical. and electrical)
  • Site development
  • Ductbank design
  • Auxiliary traction power system design
  • Communications and SCADA.


  • Two line-ups with 4-12Kv bus sections and 16 trolley breakers (30th Street)
  • 12Kv/24Kv, 25Hz, single phase 5MVA autotransformers (Fairmount)
  • 24Kv Switchgear - 200 kV BIL
  • Disconnect switches located on roof of substation.


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